Get a DataVoila License

You can get a FREE license of DataVoila for personal, non-profit use. If you use the software for business or commercial purposes, you are required to purchase a professional license.

What's the difference between the Personal and the Professional Edition?

In terms of functionality, there is no difference between the two editions. The only restriction with the Personal Edition is that permitted use is limited to personal, non-commercial, non-governmental use.

Using DataVoila for any of the following situations requires you to obtain a professional license:

  • You use DataVoila to make a profit.
  • You use DataVoila at work.
  • You use DataVoila in an academic institution.

How much does the professional version cost?

A single-user license for the Professional Edition of DataVoila is available for $79.95. It entitles you to:

  • Commercial (and other non-personal) use of the software.
  • Install and use the software on up to three computers provided you are the only user.
  • Free updates for all future 1.x versions.
  • Additional "Pro" features as they become available.