17 Sep 2010

64-Bit (x64) Support

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Today I received an email asking whether DataVoila is also available in a 64-bit version. My reply may be of interest to others, too:

DataVoila automatically runs as a 64-bit application on x64 systems and as a 32-bit application on x86 machines.

Technically this is possible because we didn’t compile DataVoila for a specific architecture, but used the “Platform Target: Any CPU” compiler option. This causes the .NET CLR (Common Language Runtime) to load the application as whatever the default target is for the system upon which it is being executed.

With the following code snippet, you can easily check if DataVoila is running your script as a 32- or 64-bit process:

int bitsPerWord = IntPtr.Size * 8;
Output.Text = String.Format("DataVoila executes your code in {0}-bit mode.",

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