16 Dec 2010

Fun Project: Buzzword Bingo Card Generator

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Our scripting tool DataVoila is a great little helper for serious business stuff like extracting information from log files or converting CSV documents into XML format. But did you know DataVoila can be fun?

Here’s how. I have created a small script project that takes a list of buzzwords as input and uses them to generate randomly populated Bingo cards in SVG format like this one.

Buzzword Bingo Card Preview

While DataVoila’s “Input” editor contains the buzzwords to show on the Bingo cards, the “Output” editor holds the template SVG code.

Buzzword Bingo Input-Output

Included in the SVG code is a placeholder comment <!– Placeholder –> that gets replaced by SVG <text> elements when generating the output files.

In DataVoila’s script editor, you can easily configure the output directory to which the generated files are saved. It’s also possible to set the number of Bingo cards to create.

Buzzword Bingo Code 1

By measuring the width of each buzzword and adjusting the font size accordingly, the script makes sure that the text fits into a square’s bounds. Bingo!

If you have Inkscape installed, you can optionally uncomment the code lines that make DataVoila run inkscape.exe to convert a generated SVG file into a PDF document like this one.

Buzzword Bingo Code 2


The project file can be downloaded here. I have also added it to DataVoila’s project library. Have fun!

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