02 Feb 2011

IntelliSense for .NET Classes

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DataVoila’s IntelliSense feature helps you write code by showing you the available classes, the methods, and the properties available on those classes. The included descriptions are especially useful to find out what a function or parameter is for and how it should be used.

IntelliSense with SDK

For DataVoila to display these descriptions for .NET Framework classes (as in the screenshot above), the IntelliSense XML files as part the “Microsoft Windows SDK” must be installed on your computer. Without the IntelliSense files, DataVoila is still able to provide parameter info but doesn’t display any descriptions.

IntelliSense without SDK

If you have Visual Studio 2008 or 2010 on your PC, the necessary files should already be there. If not, you can easily install the SDK via the links provided below. Depending on the version of the .NET Framework you are running, you should install the matching SDK. If you don’t know which version is installed, just start with the SDK for version 4. The setup will let you know the status of the necessary framework.

Don’t get sidetracked by the SDK titles that say “for Windows Server 2008″ or “for Windows 7.” The SDKs should work with any Windows version starting with Windows XP.

DataVoila needs only the IntelliSense XML files from the SDK. To make sure these files are installed, check the appropriate option in the setup wizard:

  • SDK for .NET Framework 4: “IntelliSense and Reference Assemblies”
  • SDK for .NET Framework 3.5 (SP1): “.NET Development Tools”

IntelliSense SDK Setup

After completing the setup wizard, be sure to restart DataVoila to get access to the IntelliSense comments.

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